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Fair Usage Policy

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The "Unlimited" hosting package provides subscribers with Unmetered bandwidth and disk space. Users subscribed to this hosting package can use this bandwidth and disk space for any purpose as outlined in our hosting Terms Of Service.

The term "unmetered" or "unlimited" means "fair use" of our services without hidden extra charges. 

"fair use" means, hosting accounts must be used in line with WebUK terms of service and do not use a heavy amount of bandwidth/ transfer which could affect the performance of the WebUK and partner services. If hosting account(s) are found to do either, WebUK will contact account holders to discuss available options, such as upgrading to a bandwidth charge plan, or moving the affected hosting account(s) to a VPS or dedicated server.

WebUK reserves the right to withdraw, cancel, or suspend individual unlimited/ unmetered accounts at any time if customers contravene this "Fair Usage policy" or WebUK "terms and conditions".


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