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16/7/06 11:31 am by bluewizard

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Bespoke design and site upgrades are available.

We offer bespoke work at value prices. We offer per hour rates and fix price rates. Terms & conditions apply

Hourly rate
The benefit of these rates are the low hourly rates. The job is based upon the length or time times the hourly rate.

Standard Hourly Rate is 30 per hour.*,#

Fixed Price Rate
The benefit of these rates are that you know what you will pay for each job. We will advise the price you pay before commencement. If the job over runs you don\'t pay any extra.

Standard Rate is based upon 40 per hour. %,#

Terms & Conditions

* Hourly Rate is worked out every 15mins so if the work lasted 1hr & 40mins, the charge will be for 1hr & 45mins. Customers MUST have hosted the site the work is being carried out on with us on or over the \'discount minimum period\' to receive the discount rate.

% A 20% deposit will be required before work is commenced.

# Payment must be received within 14 days of the work being finished or a charge of 1.00 per day will be added to the final cost. Hosted sites that have not paid within 14days mat also have their account suspended until payment has been received.


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